Patio Washing

Pressure Washing is a useful option to help lift out deeply ingrained dirt and give your deck a new sense of life. However, because you’re dealing with a soft, natural substance, we recommend letting MRPW do the dirty work. This is so you can ensure that the pressure washing or any chemicals we are using has time to fully take effect. But this doesn’t mean you put off the job in the winter, as this is when your paving and patios are going to get really dirty. We recommend two-three times a year is normally enough to keep your investments long lasting.

A pressure washer can clean a patio much faster than you can scrub it by hand. That is a terrific advantage. The project will take much less time this way and your patio will hold up longer. One of the main reasons that people use our pressure washing service instead of sanding their decks is that pressure washers work much more efficiently.

Pressure washing is a quick way to remove a patio finish, but it requires some care so as not to damage the patio. A pressure setting should be strong enough to clean away patio stains.

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