Fleet Power Wash

The maintenance of fleet wash is thorough rinsing of the vehicle, using biodegradable soap and a final rinse to ensure that all soap is removed. The maintenance wash is the best value for an overall good old-school washing. Finding the resources to thoroughly and effectively detail and clean vehicle fleets in your company can be time-consuming and demanding. That’s why MRPW takes care of fleet cleaning, washing of all types of vehicles for you.

Our high-pressure washing guarantees that your company’s work vehicles will be ready for even the dirtiest job sites, maximizing the efficiency value of your company fleet vehicles and helping to protect the health and safety of your employees as well.

We at MRPW, we can service your fleet with hot power wash and anti-freeze during the winter season. That most companies don’t serve you during the winter season because of the cold Canadian weather. Some exceptions due apply.

If you have a car dealer, truck fleet, rental fleet, trailers & even on-road or off-road equipment. We can help you find the right solution in your fleet power washing services.


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