Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

The length of time it takes can vary based on the size of your propriety and the amount of build-up. Our staff will work on your property as long as needed for the best results.

Having your house washed annually helps protect from build-up from harmful contaminants. Our Annual Maintenance Plan makes this process easy and affordable.

Yes, technology makes it possible for us to give you an estimate, however we will need the exact size of the space being cleaned. If sizes are not accurate, the price will vary. We recommend a FREE consultation visit for our team to provide you with a precise quote.

Our cleaning solutions are biodegradable and 100% ecofriendly.

Reports state that regular washing of the exterior of your home or business adds value to your property.

Yes we do clean garages, however, some exceptions do apply. Please contact us for more information.

This is an effortless and affordable solution that allows you to leave the maintenance of your property to us each year.

Day of Service

We will need access to a working cold water supply, but for your convenience, you don’t need to be home on the day of service.

An automated text and an email is sent when we’re on the way.

Yes, we do require access to an outdoor cold water supply. If Over 1000 SqFt Areas is applied.

Most likely, this isn’t a problem. Upon arrival, we’ll check the well to ensure it can handle our process. We’ll notify you of any issues immediately.

Our staff are able and ready to work in wind and rain or snow. If it’s extremely dangerous conditions, we may need to reschedule.


Service Specific

Yes, we have a safe process for cleaning brick.

We do soft wash or low-pressure wash on wood siding. We can clean wood siding safely.

During the house washing process, your exterior windows are soaped and rinsed, but not squeegeed or dried by hand.

Yes, our staff are trained to remove all contaminants from the side of your house.

Payment / Billing

No, you won’t be charged until the day after services are complete.

We accept all major debit, credit cards, commercial checks & E-transfer.

Yes, we do! At MRPW, we guarantee to deliver the best results possible for your home or business.

Get in touch with us for all of your cleaning and pressure washing needs. Our staff will take the time to explain the services we provide and answer any questions you may have. We have the experience to achieve the results you deserve, and we’ll do everything we can to meet or exceed all of your expectations.